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Tape and Texture

Tape & Texture Annapolis, MD

Drywall damage can happen in any room, and there are plenty of reasons for it too. Water, mold, fire and home settling can damage drywall. Regardless of what has caused the damage, you’d want to get it fixed sooner than later. Damaged drywall sheets release fine particles which affects the quality of the indoor air in your home.

In addition, it mars the beauty of your home and getting the damage fixed by local drywall experts like us is the best way to go. We at Lavender Construction LLC are a company with significant experience in the industry and can provide custom tape and texture services. Our expertise in the interior remodeling and handyman space is unparalleled in every way.

We are focused on providing our clients an outstanding experience and ensure that we achieve the highest quality, cost-effective solutions. Our company serves Annapolis, Edgewater, Davidsonville, Riva, Crownsville, Bowie, Severna Park, Arnold, Crofton and Stevensville, MD. There are several techniques that need to be utilized in order for your drywall to be resilient & long lasting and a layperson doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise to handle this job expertly.

Custom Tape Installations

One of the most crucial aspects of drywall installation is to ensure that it matches with all the other features in your home. If not handled right, it will be very easy to differentiate the new installation from the current ones. Sometimes, our clients carry out a lot of décor additions which leave holes and dings in the drywall. There are times when improper electrical works damage certain portions of the drywall sheets. In situations such as these, you need the services of expert drywall installers like us.

We offer high quality, reliable drywall repairs and make sure that the taping is completed expertly. Our team will carry out the patchwork and install new sheets as required. They make sure that the texture is matched up beautifully with the existing wall and we guarantee that no one would be able to notice the difference.

Drywall Texture Applications

We can also remove and add the textures you want to your existing walls. Texturing and painting lends a very unique personality to your home. Our designers will help you select the right wall finishes and color schemes that reflect your personal style and tastes. Our drywall texture services include superb finishes that will add a distinctive look to your walls.

Whether you want rolled or brushed paints, faux finishes or even a specialty paint application to add dimension and the interest quotient to your walls, we are the drywall installation contractors to call. If you need any kind of residential drywall work done in Maryland, Lavender Construction LLC is the company that can provide tailored solutions.

For any more information about our services and queries about tape and texture cost, feel free to contact us at 410-279-6581. You also have the option to send us your requests or project details via this Contact Us form and one of our experts will call you shortly.

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